Thursday, July 26, 2012

Some things I like right now... Target Edition

Here's a Target edition of "Some things I like" because this first item got me excited.
Orla Kiely for Method products due to hit Target this Fall (photo via Elle). Custom scents include vanilla chai, pear ginger, primrose, and bay leaf. I will probably buy my favorite one and refill it for the rest of eternity.

Room Essentials printed tumblers in chevron (left), $1.79,  and floral (right), $1.99.

Room Essentials pom pom pillows in teal and gray, $14.99 each.

Privet House at Target® rope poufs in neutral and lemon, $79.99 each.

I am admittedly not a big fan of Rachael Ray, however I love her line of cook and bakeware. I originally bought one of these orange stoneware pieces from Target, and ended up also buying a couple of non-stick pans (less expensive at Home Goods). Not only are they all great, but all the pieces come in all my favorite colors.

I've got a new job and I'm loving it. I am actually super busy at this new job. Things were slowing down quite a bit at my last job and I was feeling unchallenged and bored, so I am extremely happy with this new situation. A lot of days I come home and don't really feel like working on the computer anymore (except for the occasional Pinterest, of course), so I just watch TV in bed, or read a magazine, or play Words With Friends or all of the above. Which explains the sporadic posting. It's sporadic for good reasons :)


Lara said...

A friend just tweeted me yesterday about the chevron pattern shizz at Target! they have a lampshade like that tumbler that's killing me and it's all on Summer sale right now. I need to go (and get an Orla soap bottle too)!

SOOOO glad you're enjoying the new jobby job!

Sandra said...

Omg what! I've never seen soap so cute!