Monday, August 6, 2012

My art featured on ModCloth!

I think everyone knows what a ladyboner I have for ModCloth, so imagine my excitement when they approached me to be a part of their latest style book, "Fashion From The 'Art'"! They chose 8 artists, and they styled an outfit around each piece of art. Check it out here!

Here is my piece. Make sure you go see the outfit they styled to match it. The confetti print dress is totally something I would wear. Of all the outfits styled, I think I like the one that matches back to Miyuki Sarah's art the best. And I think the most successful art-translated-into-outfit award goes to the Jasmin Darnell piece.

In addition to being featured in their style book, each artist's piece will be made into a tote bag, which will be for sale a little later in August. Of course I will keep you updated. Each artist will also be featured on ModCloth's blog in a post that should go up some time today.

Thank you ModCloth!


the corbett kid. said...

i'm so so proud of you kelly. so proud. xo

Sarah said...

I saw this fly by on Twitter! Amazing! :)