Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Nicaraguan Hammocks

These are seriously amazing! And at around $70 - $80, surprisingly affordable for such awesome design. I have no place to put a hammock but am so tempted to buy one of these for when I do. You know, before they become the next Moroccan pouf and you can't find one for less than $200. They are available from Veronica Colindres Etsy shop

What's just as interesting as these hammocks, is that the ones sold via this Etsy shop are made by Veronica Colindres and her family! She and her mother do the weaving, her brother does the sewing, and her father assembles. Knowing that, I would feel really great about buying a product like this.

Now, if I could only decide on a color!


frien said...

LOVE!! I need!!

frien said...

and LOL at nah sequenya!

Lara said...

get one of those free-standing racks and have it INSIDE!!! ahhhh!