Monday, August 20, 2012

Snapshots: Sunday afternoon in Downtown Fullerton

One area of Orange County that I really love, but often neglect, is downtown Fullerton. I love it's tree-lined streets, historic buildings, and brick alleys. Kyle and I got married in downtown Fullerton! It had been far too long since we'd visited.

Black Hole Records and Stray Cat Vintage & Costumes share a space. It's a little overwhelming! This place has been here forever. I remember coming here in high school. I don't remember records being as expensive as they were here, but it's also been a while since I paid attention to records. 

Zoey and I posing in front of the very same brick wall that Kyle and I took some of our wedding photos in front of. Now isn't that something?

We had lunch at Kentro Greek Kitchen, and oh my goodness it was so good. We've been really winning lately with the new places we've been trying. Pictured above is the beet salad (beets, figs, manouri cheese, walnut vinaigrette) and the lamb flat bread (braised lamb, thinly sliced potatoes, kasseri cheese, and big dollops of tzatziki, all on a thin crackery crust).

Otto Shop and Gallery is a great little space with a lot of mid century items, art, books, and gifts. We picked up this Alexander Girard Color board book for Zoey. Otto is located right next to Out of Vogue, which unfortunately is closed on Sundays, but has a great selection of mid century furniture and home decor. 

There are a lot of vintage shops on this little stretch of Harbor Blvd, but American Vintage stands out to me because it's so well organized. It's spaced out nicely, so the clothes on the racks aren't packed so tightly together that you can't tell what they are. Everything is organized by color and/or style, the hangers have sizes on them, and they have dressing rooms, which makes it so much easier. 

Our last stop was Angelo's & Vinci's - the actual place where we got married. There's a little to-go ordering spot on the side of the building and you can get a dozen zeppole. I was being a creeper watching the guy cut the dough, drop it in the deep fryer, and then roll it around in sugar and cinnamon. I would describe the food at Angelo's & Vinci's as Italian-American comfort foods. Huge, cheesy, greasy portions of lasagna, ravioli, fried calamari, and pizza. The atmosphere is awesome (think Buca di Beppo on crack), and there is a monster cellar.

Starting September 12, Fullerton will be hosting it's annual Haunted Walking Tour on Wednesdays and Thursdays. I love ghost stories, and I really want to go this year.

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Sarah said...

So much about this post makes me want to say, "Fuck it! I'm moving back to the States and moving to California." Two things I swore I'd never do. But man! what a weekend you guys had... and the food. Lord. The food!