Wednesday, August 29, 2012


Our old apartment was so small that we had absolutely no place to put our turntable, the stereo it needed to be connected to, the speakers that went to the stereo. etc. So we got rid of the turntable and stereo, and stored the records, and instead opted for an iPod dock/speaker thing. How uncool of us. Lately we've had the itch to pull out our old records and listen to them, so we went and bought one of those portable Crosley turntables. The sound quality is surprisingly good. 

My best friend Rachael and I have taken up rollerskating as a means of exercise. The roller rink is super weird. It's like it's own little society. There are "regulars", and there are teen boys who work there, and their high school girlfriends who hang out and give dirty looks to everyone. It's kind of amazing. I wish they would play better music, though. I have officially heard the song "Call Me Maybe" more times than I want.

Zoey at the aquarium.

I stocked up on some colorful glasses because my friend Kristine started working at Anthropologie and she got me the family discount card! Awesome. But I have a bad habit of buying things for the imaginary dinner parties I am one day going to throw. We live in a condo with a 2 year old whose bedroom is a semi-open loft. There will be no dinner parties at Xanadu. At least not any time soon.

That's nice.

Succulents in vintage beer, soda, and coffee cans at "that succulent place at The Camp" (Organic Designs by Aggelige). There is nothing I don't love here.

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Sarah M. said...

Invest in a decent pair of roller derby skates. They're a ton more comfortable than rink skates and they look way cooler!