Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Project 7 "Feed the Hungry"

I have been so busy lately, I've hardly had time to post! But I wanted to share something special with you today.

A couple months ago, I wrote a long, heart-felt post about leaving my job at Paul Frank for a new and exciting thing. Now I'm ready to talk about that new, exciting thing. I've been working at a company called Project 7. Project 7 works with 7 different areas of good around the globe, partnering with nonprofits to help provide financial support and raise awareness. Those 7 causes are: Heal The Sick, Save The Earth, House The Homeless, Feed The Hungry, Quench The Thirsty, Teach Them Well, and Hope For Peace.

I was hired mainly to revamp their tee line (something I won't be able to share until after it launches), and while I've been working on that, there have been "odds and ends". One of those "odds and ends" was actually my "interview project" to brand their Feed The Hungry "We've Got A Lot Of Mouths To Feed" campaign. This included the mouth logo, custom lettering, overall feel of the graphics, and a line of "city pride" tees and iPhone cases.


alicia said...

You do some really genuinely kickass things with your talent. It's inspiring, lady.

Well done!

King Retail Solutions said...

I love this! Awesome. You do rad work and are a rad person (clearly) and work for a rad company! Thumbs up emoji!

Victoria said...

Wow, Kelly, this is really great! I even showed my kids. (I'm totally buying the Philly shirt too)

the corbett kid. said...

i'm so happy you've found another awesome, creative home. you're a really good person and this place sounds like such a good fit.

i look forward to seeing more rad things you are doing. definitely keep us posted! xo