Thursday, October 11, 2012

Snapshots: Birthday Edition

When my friends asked me what I wanted for my birthday, I told them I wanted to stock my home bar. I've always admired photos I see of bar carts and I'm always pinning recipes for fancy cocktails. But I hardly ever drink at home, so I've never wanted to spend money on cocktail ingredients. It worked out perfectly! I got a bottle of St. Germain, Creme de Violette, Lillet, little bottles of champagne, and bitters. But my favorite are these swizzle sticks Rachael made me. Aren't they adorable? I am ready to throw a party!

We celebrated by going to a karaoke place called Cafeoke Ding Dong Dang (seriously). It was one of those places where you can rent a room, so there were just 6 of us and we really let loose. I wore glitter pants and sang my heart out all night. We didn't get home until 3am!

Kyle was really the star of the evening. You'd never guess it, but the dude can wail.

Our sweet, tired gal car-napping. She stayed over at my parents house the night we went out for karaoke. We were all exhausted the next day. I'm glad I got to have a big allnighter (it had been years...), but it really made me appreciate doing mellow things, like a small dinner out with friends, or watching a movie at home. 

My favorite desserts are Indian desserts. I usually venture over to the Indian grocer around my birthday and pick up a box of various treats. I'm not too sure what any of them are called, except that the white one is kalakand. The white one and the brownish square one are my favorites.

On the night of my actual birthday, Kyle surprised me with the most epic cheese plate ever! He went to Whole Foods and told the lady at the cheese counter what my favorite cheeses are and she recommended some new ones for me to try. Those cheeses were Grès des Vosges (a washed rind cow's milk cheese that I found to be very similar to Red Hawk) and Andante Tomme Dolce (a really lovely, mellow-flavored, silky, semi-firm goat cheese with a sweet after taste, made by Soyoung Scanlan of Andante Dairy in Petaluma, CA). I loved them both. He also got my favorite - Red Hawk. He also got a few different kinds of meats, a baguette, and some marcona almonds. We used sage honey, and 2 jellies from Backyard In A Jar - lavender jelly (great with the Tomme Dolce) and their "tapas jelly" which is a wine jelly infused with shallots and rosemary. 

I had a few reminders this year that maybe I am getting older and I don't really want to party all night. And that maybe a small, quaint night out (or in) with your BFFs is way better than a huge bash with every person you know. Funny how life changes, and it kind of weirded me out at first. But the more I think about it, the more I can dig it.

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