Friday, November 16, 2012

Happy Friday + Upcoming Events

Happy Friday! This weekend should be fun because it's my best friend Rachael's birthday. She recently bought a house, which means now she has a guest room. We will be breaking that room in slumber party-style with our girlfriends this weekend. There will be much cheese-eating, cocktail-drinking, and elastic waist pants-wearing. We are going to play Cards Against Humanity, and I was thinking of making us a super schweet ladies' dance party mix in case things get super fun.

In the meantime, I want to remind you about next weekend's Patchwork Indie Art & Craft Festival in Santa Ana. I will be there, sharing a space with Caposhi Handmade. She makes accessories and her stuff is super legit, so I am going to try my best not to make her look bad :)

And a new event! Between December 13th and 16th, my friends at Windsday Handmade will be hosting a pop-up shop at The OC Mart Mix, right on time for some holiday shopping. They have asked me to be a part of their shop, along with Whodini Handmade, Beards N' Locks, Lo & Chlo, and Peace Love Swagger. If you are in the area, please check it out.

Have a great weekend!

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OT and ET said...

You are too cool for this kind of thing but I wanted to let you know because I seriously think you're rad (even pre-Falconer I felt this way) but anyways I am starting a weekly feature on Sundays all about "life style" and whatever that means to each of us and it has a little linky and I thought you might, sometime, want to link up, because you are stylish. xo ( ex. )-Lindsey