Monday, November 5, 2012


A few new colors of my drops print. I am loving the green!

A chocolate ice cream bar, dipped in dark chocolate, and rolled in potato chips. From Longboards ice cream truck. That red spot on my shoe is my sock. Those are some perfectly worn in Converse.

Zoey (dressed as a witch) and her princess cousin trick or treating on Halloween. It was Zoey's first time trick or treating, and damn it, it was the cutest thing ever. Best part? The next day she didn't even remember that she had a bucket full of candy, and hasn't asked about it at all! Don't worry, I'm not a total Halloween Scrooge - we let her pick out a few pieces to eat when we got back home after trick or treating. Most of the candy she got made me nervous anyway. Lots of choking hazards in that bucket.

Outside OC Roller Skates, where I went to buy all my roller derby gear. Bootcamp starts in 2 weeks! I am kind of nervous. I am mostly joining because I need a new way to get some exercise. I tend to do better in group or team-like situations because I don't want to let people down by not showing up. So, in that aspect, roller derby is perfect for me. I used to feel that kind of camaraderie at Crossfit back in the day when it was all my friends in the class, but after a 2-year hiatus and going back for 5 months, I decided I just wasn't feeling it. I still totally love Crossfit though, and I will miss all the fun weightlifting.

I was sick early last week and I ended up staying home from work on Monday. Mondays are my grocery shopping day, so the pickins were slim at home and I was really wanting sushi. I used Restaurants on the Run and had it delivered! Verdict: The service is expensive and not really worth it unless there's a good reason you can't go pick up food yourself. However, I thoroughly enjoyed having sushi delivered and am glad I tried it out.

Every night Zoey starts out in her own bed and ends up in ours. I don't really mind, and in fact have come to look forward to having her snuggled up next to me. This was on Friday and she woke up calling for me earlier than usual. I was still up watching TV with Kyle (we started watching Mad Men finally). Luckily, when I brought her to our room she fell back asleep as soon as I laid her down, so Kyle and I were able to continue our TV fest. 

We just had the best weekend. The weekend before this was crazy with a wedding on Friday night, working on our costumes Saturday day time, a big Halloween party on Saturday night, and then a trip out to Kyle's parents house all day Sunday (when I was starting to get sick). And before we knew it, it was Monday again. So this weekend we decided to lay low. On Sunday we all stayed in our jammies until 5pm, when we finally got dressed and went out to dinner, then came home where we ended up right back in our jammies. I usually like to go go go, but we really needed that.


Nadja Brocus said...

i lurve sleeping with my wee ones. I never want them to stop. I know I'll miss it someday.

Lara said...

That ice cream bar looks crazy good!
How are you living Mad Men so far? I can't wait for it to come back.
If Mad Men, American Horror Story, Breaking Bad & The Walking Dead were all on at the same time, I would never get off the couch!

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

We are loving it! We just finished season 1 last night and are starting season 2 tonight. I was never able to get into Breaking Bad. People always say it gets better later, but I don't have the commitment it takes to wait for a show to get better :(