Tuesday, April 16, 2013


Zoey on Easter, hunting for eggs and sashaying around the yard like a badass.

A cocktail I made on Friday night with some very ripe mangoes that I pureed. To the mango puree, I added juice from one lemon, 1 ounce of of tequila, and half an ounce of triple sec. Shook in a cocktail shaker with plenty of ice, poured over more ice and muddled mint, topped with lemon lime soda, and garnished with more mint. Refreshing!

A vertical hanging garden at The Lab in Costa Mesa.

I ended up ordering that tote bag :)

Had a seriously amazing chicken salad sandwich at The Curious Palate in Santa Monica.

Record shopping.

Went over to Rachael's for brunch and to pay a visit to her chickens.


Laurie Cromie said...

Oh yay! You got the tote! Raffia on a tote.... So unique!!

Where do you like to record shop? Amoeba?

Laurie Cromie said...

PS has it really been two weeks since I last checked in?!?! Man, where is 2013 going?

PPS ugh, why can't Mormons drink?! That cocktail looks divine. I miss my rebellious years...