Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Store Snaps: Home Goods

If you had told me a few years ago that I would become obsessed with Home Goods, I would be like, "You trippin' boo." I thought of it more as a place for my mom, full of porcelain roosters and giant bedazzled candle holders. But I am so into it now. I have a confession... There are three Home Goods stores within 5 miles of me, and sometimes on the weekend I will drive out to the farthest Home Goods and make my way back toward home, hitting up the other 2 on the way back. Because DEALS! And every Home Goods is a little bit different! The following photos were taken over a few different trips.

This credenza is a beaut!

Above: Jonathan Adler Kids bank, and Bang Candy simple syrup (which I know they sell or were selling at West Elm). Sometimes pictures I take in stores are blurry because I don't want someone to catch me being a dork and taking a picture. So I try to do it really fast.

There were a few different colorways of this ikat pillow. I also like that sweater knit-looking orange pillow behind it, but although it is cozy, I feel like sweater-knit is a little too "winter" and I am ready for spring colors and textures.

Jonathan Adler coin purse. This was the first JA item I found at Home Goods and it was a tiny miracle because I was browsing in the kitchen section, and this was randomly placed on a shelf with random kitchen items. We were drawn together, like a moth to a flame, and it was only $8.

On my last visit to Home Goods, there was a TON of the Jonathan Adler for JC Penney stuff. I wasn't too into that stuff. There were a lot of things with print, and while I obsess over JA pottery and 3D items, I have to admit that I have never been a big fan of the prints. I do really like the bases of these lamps.

I do, however, look to Orla Kiely for prints, and there has been Orla Kiely bedding at all 3 of my Home Goods stores every time I have visited in the last 6 months. This bedding set was from the collection done with Bed, Bath, and Beyond. I have also spotted one of the throw pillows that goes with this set, a bunch of towels (pictured above), and 2 bath robes, which gives me hope that maybe some more "official" Orla items will show up some day.

Happy Socks were all the rage for a while, weren't they?

Marc by Marc Jacobs wallet.

Kate Spade wallets!

I slightly regret not buying this wire table for my patio.

Even more Jonathan Adler goodness! I took home a couple of the "dolls" cannisters, and the "charade drape bowl" on the bottom left which retails for $195 on the Jonathan Adler site. I paid $40. By the way, can you believe the way the peacock (originally $295) is just haphazardly poking out of the bottom end cap waiting for someone to knock it over? Don't worry, I moved it.

I also have several non-name brand items at home, like mirrors, table lamps, picture frames, and throw pillows. Sometimes on Saturday nights after Z goes to bed, I run over to Home Goods. So there you have it, my little confession. Home Goods, who knew?!


Isis said...

I love Homegoods too!! It's my secret escape when I want to be by myself and look at awesome stuff. Almost like a real life pinterest.

One of my favorite sections is the food - there's always really nice olive oils and spices and other surprises. It's my go to for housewarming gifts :)

And don't worry, I also nerd out and take pictures of everything, and I'm pretty sure I've seen other people doing it too!

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Haha it is totally my "by myself" escape!

Sometimes the food section scares me, because I wonder why it's at Home Goods. Like, is it old or close to expiring? I do wish I had bought that Bang Candy simple syrup, though. I saw it again last weekend and this time it was on clearance.

People keep telling me that they never find anything at Home Goods, so I wonder if I just really lucked out!

Pani Kido said...

I love everything in this post. I've seen Orla Kiely at TJ Maxx, but no Jonathan Adler yet.

Friends & family try to check out TJM because I rave about my finds, but they complain that they never find anything there, either.

Isis said...

Haha I totally agree the food section seems very sketch, but its like the rest of the store - you have to get past the weird stuff (random sauces and baking kits) to find the gems. Give it a closer look next time! There's almost always olive oil, balsamic vinegar, spices and extracts (vanilla, almond) that are cheap (cheaper than the grocery store) and good quality.

I think people get overwhelmed and/or think the cheesy displays are all there is! I too always find cool stuff!