Friday, February 28, 2014

Easy Kitchen Cabinet Makeover

We moved into a really awesome new place over summer. The only problem was that the kitchen is big and open and in the middle of everything. The first thing you see when you walk in. And it was in pretty bad shape. It has a few quirks, but the main thing is that it has those typical 80s laminate cabinets with wood trim. I've lived with those before, but the kitchen was blocked off enough that I only had to look at them when I was in it. But here, I have to look at them from the living room, when I'm walking down the stairs, when I walk in through the front door, etc. I did a little research on the Google machine to see what other people with these cabinets have done to spruce them up. I found this and this and this.

I sent a nice email to our landlord about wanting to upgrade the kitchen. I included links to examples of what I wanted to do, a step-by-step list of how I planned on doing it, and a photo of a previous painting project I did to show her that I've got the skills. I will admit, I was a little nervous of being turned down, but I got a reply within a couple of hours saying yes. Woohoo!

I took one of our cabinet doors off the hinges and took it to Home Depot so they could use it to match the paint. I bought a can of paint (didn't bother with primer), some sand paper, a paintbrush and a small foam roller, and the most clean/simple/affordable knobs they had. And then I took my sweet-ass time with this project, but the end result is worth it. This entire project cost around $100.

Before painting, I took the rest of the cabinet doors off the hinges and lightly sanded the cabinets and the wood strip across the tops/bottoms of each door and drawer. It took 2-3 coats of paint, depending on the condition of the wood where I was painting. In this case, the actual body of the cabinets was wood. At our old place that had similar cabinets, the body of the cabinets was the same off-white laminate and the only wood was the strips on the cabinet doors/drawers. Those cabinets would have been much quicker to paint! After everything was painted, I drilled holes for the knobs. I got about halfway through drilling and screwing in knobs by myself, and then on Valentines Day I came home and Kyle had finished drilling and screwing in knobs!

In progress.

I am so glad I did this! I knew it would look better, but it almost looks like an entirely different kitchen to me. Now hopefully we end up staying here for a few years.

If you want to see dreamy kitchens I would have if money were no object and I was a homeowner, follow my Dining Rooms + Kitchen board on Pinterest.


k said...

Oh! Wow! It looks WONDERFUL!

Isis said...

looks amazing! I love how the original wood contrast lip-handle part on the top/bottom of the cabinets becomes an interesting detail when painted! It looks pretty slick, especially on the lower cabinets and drawers. Great job!

Magnolius T. said...

It looks great.

Unknown said...

Hi there! I love your kitchen transformation! I have the same dated cabinets in our new house. I had planned to replace them soon after moving in, but alas - the project list is endless, and the cabinets are moving down the priority list not up. Anyways, I think this may just be the solution to my problem! I am wondering, did you paint the entire door, or just the wood part? And if you painted the entire door, how is the paint holding up on the melamine part? I haven't had a lot of luck with painting melamine in the past. Thanks for sharing!

Tanya said...

Great job! I have a similar but worse problem. The same type of cabinets, only the previous tenants painted the off white part a gross rusty country red color. I hate it and need to do something else. Oh and they painted the walls in the kitchen the same color and in the bathroom. Yuck.

kelly ♥ let's die friends ♥ said...

Unknown - I am just seeing your comment 2 months later, but in case it's not too late - I didn't paint the melamine-looking part. I was afraid it would warp, so I had paint mixed to match the color and then only painted the wood strip at the top. :)

The Marshall Family said...

Several questions...where did you find your knobs? That seems to be the most expensive part of the project in my case...I'll need 35 of them! Oh yeah, wall to ceiling of these ugly cabinets! Also, you painted the actual cabinet frame too right? Just sanded lightly then painted? And lastly, how is it holding up? Looks great! Thanks!

Unknown said...

This looks great. I would like to do the same thing, but a few of our doors are water damaged/warped. Does anyone know how to get replacements for these old doors?

Unknown said...

what did you paint these with? Need to do the same thing to my outdated kitchen

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