Sunday, June 8, 2014


I made these grapefruit cucumber cocktails from Joy the Baker. They were refreshing and summery, and I will for sure be making them again. 

Juniper and Fir (top) and Kelso Doesn't Dance (bottom) at Patchwork Craft Fair in Long Beach.

A couple of things I bought at Patchwork. The California-inspired print is by Hero Handmade. I lucked out because on my way home I stopped at Michael's to get a frame for it, and the frame was 40% off. On top of that they had an extra coupon that you could apply to your total, and it included sale items. I ended up getting a $50 frame for $19. Nice! I hate it when the frame costs more than the artwork, so I was happy. 

The California pennant flag is from Miriam Dema. I decided it might be cool to do a little California-inspired art collage on this wall.

I was so proud when Zoey requested "The Munsters" on "Nickflix." Gotta start 'em out with good taste while they're young! Occasionally I will run across someone in their early 20s who doesn't know anything about pop culture pre-2000. It's a total bummer and we want our kid to know about stuff, even if it's as old as her grandparents. She's also becoming pretty well acquainted with "I Love Lucy."

Kyle and I both took a week off from work and had a "staycation." It was my first time taking 5 consecutive days off in like 2 years. All 3 of us slept in until 7:30-8am every day. I normally wake up at 5am, so I got 3 extra hours of sleep every night! I could really see the difference in my face.  

The top photo was taken at the Desert Garden at Balboa Park in San Diego. There were so many awesome cactus and succulent plants, and this one was my favorite. It was huge!

The bottom photo is part of the menu at Soda & Swine, also in San Diego. This was my favorite meal of our entire vacation. Not only did they have these meatballs you can order in various ways, but a selection of small plates as well. I got a banh mi slider, an apple salad that had manchego cheese and toasted hazelnuts, and we all shared THE BEST FRIES IN THE WORLD. 

We went to a wedding at the Marvimon House in LA. It was the coolest little place. 

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