Wednesday, July 23, 2014

I like to move it, move it...

We just moved for the second time in ONE year because we got a notice that our landlord wanted to "reoccupy the home" and therefore our lease would not be renewed. By the way, we don't believe that for a minute because our neighbors got a similar note, moved out, and a "for rent" sign went up in the window. We got the gossip from another neighbor that the owner of that place wanted to raise the rent by like $400, and since you can only raise it so much by law, he had to make them leave. Pretty sure that's what is happening with us, too. Rent prices are insane right now, and we got that place for a pretty good price considering the size. I can't help but wonder if my kitchen update hurt us in the end...

We had 30 days to pack up everything, find a place to live, and move. I am feeling pretty badass because we did it in more like 14 days! Even though we liked where we lived, after getting that letter we could not wait to just get out of there and move on. And we found a nice place!

That's our new living room. My bullet planter is missing it's plant because it got damaged in the move, but I will replant it soon. I need to raise our curtain rods (they were already here) because our curtains are too long. I am thinking about getting a real coffee table. We got rid of ours when Z was a baby so she had room to play, but now we are kind of missing it.

We have a lot of space for art, but I might keep this wall blank since I am thinking about doing some corner shelving on the other side and I don't want it to look cluttered. I made a little landing area at the bottom of the stairs, next to the front door for keys, mail, shoes, purses, etc.

Even though there are downsides to renting, like not being able to customize to your taste, or having your landlord suddenly decide you have to move, one of the things I have fun with is configuring the things I already own into a new space. This place was a little challenging because it is slightly smaller than our last place. We had to get rid of a table and a dresser, but I was kind of glad to do it. I like having less stuff.

I am still working on the rest of the place, but here is a during picture of our cute patio. It's a great size, with enough room for Z to play, and to have this little seating area in addition to our table/chairs. And so far the sunsets have been epic.