Tuesday, September 9, 2014

Inspiration lately

Pom pom headband, via Ship & Shape. I like this for color palette and the abstract designs created within the pom poms.

Yesterday I was driving home, and by driving I mean scooting through traffic for 2 hours, and I was having all these creative epiphanies. If I'm driving and I don't listen to my favorite podcast, my mind starts to wander and it goes to some pretty glorious places. I had all these ideas for things I want to make, and I wished there was a way to take a picture of the picture inside your head so I can remember when I actually have time. Despite all my creative thoughts, I still have to go home and take care of my family, or some nights I go to the gym because I gots to take care of me, too, baby. 

These images are from the Instagram account of a store in Australia called The Family Love Tree. Even though I will probably never actually go to this store, I love all the colorful art and interior shots they post.  The rope baskets a few pictures up are by Gemma Patford who hosted a workshop there, also shown above.

What I need to do is set aside a Saturday to just go buy canvases or make some wood panels and restock some of my supplies that by now are surely dried out. And maybe I should just leave them out somewhere so that I can just do some drive-by creating. What if I did a little tiny something that took 15 minutes every night?

Hand painted beads by Jen Love Kev.

I think it's great that I have a creative job because if I didn't at least get to create something, I wouldn't be as happy. But sometimes I use all that effort during the day and I don't have anything left at night. I ought to do something, though, because I am tired of the same old complaints in my head about time. Get a hold of yourself, self. Nobody likes a complainer. Go to bed 20 minutes later or something.

Friday, September 5, 2014

Ceramics by Cathy Terepocki

Really cool work by Cathy Terepocki. Check out her shop!

Monday, September 1, 2014