Thursday, October 23, 2014


On weekends, we make it a point to turn off the TV at some point and put on a record.

An end of summer carne asada party at my friend Rachael's house. I like going to her house because she lives in a canyon that is very far away from everything, so it's kind of like a mini vacation. She has chickens and grows her own veggies. The salsa on the bottom left was made of stuff from her garden. 

A birthday treat from my friend Beth at work. Lavender milk tea from Home Brewed Bar. Very drool.

Chillin' in her jammies. Also one of my favorite activities.

A badly lit photo of my new plant, and an ottoman I got at Target (similar to this) to put our record player on. Prior to this, it was on the floor, so I am glad to have a more polished-looking area.

Zeppole from Cucina Enoteca. They change it up seasonally, and this one was my favorite. It had orange and cardamom, with an apple cider dipping sauce. Kyle said his only complaint was that it only came with 4 :)

We went to San Diego on a whim one Sunday and ate at Empirehouse in Hillcrest. It was cute inside, and it really used to be a house. This was their teeny tiny bar. They had a selection of very “approachable” small plates (hummus plate, house made pickles, mac and cheese), burgers, salads, and street tacos. But what really stood out is that they had an entire section of their menu devoted to tater tots and various things you can top them with.

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