Monday, February 16, 2015

Living Spaces I'm Loving

via Emily Henderson
The 3 images above are from Emily Henderson. I know I've gushed about her before, but again - I just love the way she can make a space look a) completely put together down to every last detail; b) somehow manages to make a cohesive look out of the most seemingly random flea market finds, and by mixing prints and colors in unexpected ways; and the most important reason I love her work - c) it looks completely and totally lived in and comfortable. Her spaces are so put together, but never fussy. The room at the top looks completely put together, but I also feel like I could flop down on that couch and put my feet on that table. That's exactly what I want my own space to feel like. I want someone to come in and feel like I put a lot of love into it, but that they can lay on my rug, or eat on my couch.

The following rooms are from various sources, but they still have that put-together-but-totally-liveable feel.

via sfgirlbybay

via Decor8
via Apartment Therapy
via Inspired by Charm
via Adore 
via Keltaine Talo Rannalla


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